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When to Get a Second Opinion From Another Divorce Lawyer

 Find out when it’s time get a second opinion on your case.


Can I Get a Second Opinion Without Firing My Attorney?


You should not rush to fire your current attorney, just because you are having doubts about your case.  A second opinion from another divorce lawyer can help you determine whether your current attorney is doing a good job or whether a change in representation may be a good idea.  If the second attorney confirms your lawyer is taking the right steps in your case, you may continue to work with your original attorney.


A second opinion from another divorce lawyer can help you determine whether your current attorney is doing a good job or whether a change in representation may be appropriate.


When Should I Get a Second Opinion?


You can get a second opinion at any time during the divorce process. If you are still shopping around for attorneys and trying to find the right one for your case, you may want a second opinion early on.


Also, if you are starting to question your attorney’s decisions or strategy, or if your attorney has stopped communicating with you, it is probably time to consult with another divorce lawyer. Your case might just be at a difficult point in the process, or your attorney may be overwhelmed. If you have got real doubts about the way your attorney is handling your case or communicating with you, you should seek another lawyer’s advice immediately.


Second Opinion Consult:  Sometimes, an individual has another family lawyer, but the match between the two is problematic or there are concerns and questions about the quality or nature of that current legal representation.  Most often this is due to a breakdown in communication and not an actual mistake or inappropriate action on the part of the current lawyer.  However, in order to repair the relationship and/or decide whether it might be time to change attorney representation, it is advisable for the individual to schedule a Second Opinion Consult with another family lawyer BEFORE any changes to legal representation are made.


If you meet with Claire Sanderson Hanna for a second opinion, bring copies of all court filed documents (“Pleadings”), copies of any financial statements (assets and liabilities worksheets), any written settlement offers or counter offers to the Second Opinion Consult with Ms. Hanna.  She will review the file and meet with you to address your questions and concerns.  Typically, a second opinion consultation requires approximately 2 to 3 hours, so the fee for such a consult will be higher than a typical initial consultation.


The benefits of a second opinion consult vary from case to case, but often these include: avoiding any disruption in legal provider services, addressing and repairing the legal communication problems with the current attorney, supplementing legal representation with new insights and suggested approaches from Ms. Hanna, avoiding delays and expensive fees that often occur when there are unresolved issues between the original attorney and client.


If you are considering a second opinion, contact Claire Sanderson Hanna Law Firm. Put our experience to work for you by calling (505) 243-0900.



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