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Call (505-243-0900) or email (channa@nmdivorce.com) to schedule a consultation or appointment with Claire Sanderson Hanna.

Mediation clients will complete a brief mediation intake form before the first session and the first session will include a 20-30 minute introductory free discussion so that the parties and the mediator have an opportunity to learn about each other before the actual mediation session begins. When scheduling the first mediation appointment with Claire Sanderson Hanna, you will need to allow 2.5 hours.

Initial legal consult: Many individuals do not know which legal process they will choose at the time they initially contact Claire Sanderson Hanna for an appointment. This is to be expected and part of the initial consultation is to go over all the different legal processes and choices available to a family law client.

The initial legal consult is for one party only and the goal is to meet with Claire Sanderson Hanna in her capacity as a lawyer advocate (whether for collaborative legal process, litigation legal process, or for information only and the person is not ready to take any definite action).

This initial legal consultation takes approximately 90 minutes and includes 20 to 30 minutes introductory free discussion, so that the consulting party and Claire Sanderson Hanna have an opportunity to learn about each other and not feel rushed.

You will also complete a brief initial consultation intake form before the appointment begins. You may have this sent to you by fax or email or arrive early to complete the form.

If you have any question about what type of appointment you should schedule or about the fee for such appointment, either Claire Sanderson Hanna or her staff will be happy to answer your questions and discuss your options and choices with you at the time of scheduling.


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