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Preparing for Your Divorce

Preparing for Divorce


When you have concluded that your marriage is irretrievably broken and filing for divorce is inevitable, you should consider consulting with a New Mexico family law attorney while you are still in the marital home. You will want to discuss how to plan for your divorce while you still have easy access to your financial statements, legal records, and files.


Hiring a New Mexico Family Law Attorney


The legal procedure for ending your marriage can be challenging, but a domestic relations lawyer can guide you through each phase of the process. A family law attorney licensed in the State of New Mexico will be familiar with the state’s recent changes in family law, and will understand the court procedures. Such an attorney will know how and when to file petitions and motions with the court and will have experience with property division, spousal support and parental rights. A New Mexico domestic relations lawyer will also know the local rules that must be followed in the county where your divorce will be filed and will be familiar with the judges and hearing officers in that county.



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