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Mediation is a dispute resolution process that typically focuses on sessions with the neutral mediator (often a lawyer, but can also be an accountant or mental health professional) and the two parties involved (husband and wife, divorced parents, or other couples in a dispute).


The neutral mediator does not represent either party and does not give advice. The neutral mediator is skilled and experienced at respectfully and creatively assisting the parties to work together to reach a mutually agreeable settlement, based on some “give and take” by both parties.


The role of each party’s attorney in mediation can be as extensive or as narrow as you wish. The minimum involvement is to have your attorney review any documents the mediator drafts prior to your signing and finalizing them. The more expansive role would be to have both parties’ attorneys attend some or all of the mediation sessions with you and the mediator.


In mediation, the parties decide what issues will be discussed and how the case will be settled. The mediator assists the parties to formulate and implement innovative solutions to problems. Financial professionals or child specialists may also be consulted to help resolve difficult issues.


FAST-TRACK Mediation


A recent innovation Claire Sanderson Hanna is developing in mediation allows the parties the opportunity to “fast track” the mediation process to make progress more quickly and more economically.  It operates differently than the standard mediation process.


First, the parties cooperate to select a neutral financial consultant, who works for both parties to compile all the relevant financial materials needed for a divorce such as: income tax returns, pay-stubs, retirement pension and other retirement account (401k,IRAs,annuities) information, information pertaining to assets and debts.


The parties may contact Claire Sanderson Hanna, who will provide referrals to these neutral financial professionals, or she can provide a list of the materials and the parties can select their own neutral financial consultant.  Ms. Hanna’s suggestion is that the parties use someone familiar with family law matters and obtains the information requested by Ms. Hanna’s office.


Then, the next step, once the financial material has been compiled and provided to Ms. Hanna, is for the parties to schedule a preliminary two-hour mediation session with Ms. Hanna.  By “fast-tracking” the organization and compilation of the financial information, the parties will be able to “jump right in” at the first mediation session and start making immediate progress in the negotiation of the matters pertaining to their family law situation.


Claire Sanderson Hanna is an experienced mediator with over 20 years of experience in this area. She utilizes mediation to resolve family law disputes, such as divorce, child custody, child support, and legal separations. Contact Ms. Hanna today to learn how mediation can be utilized in your divorce or other family law dispute.


Benefits of Mediation

  • Minimizes Animosity & Stress
  • Protects Children & Promotes Effective Co-Parenting
  • Cost Effective & Preserves a Family’s Resources
  • Maintains Parties’ Dignity, Respect and Privacy
  • Puts the Parties in Control
  • Allows a Smoother Transition from Marriage to Divorce

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