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Perhaps one of the most complex and difficult things to handle in a divorce are the finances. Even the most cooperative, amicable divorce will still require a division of property, which may be a lengthy and time-consuming process without the help of a good attorney. Even the best case scenario will include addressing community and separate property, debts, assets and inheritances. In addition the complexities of alimony and child support are other financial issues. Divorcing finances are, in short; deeply complicated.


However, the more information you are equipped with, the more you can prepare yourself for the complex issues that arise during and after a divorce. Claire Sanderson Hanna Law Firm has prepared a compendium of resources regarding the different concerns of divorcing finances. She uses different financial worksheets (summaries) to tally, inventory and characterize assets, budgets to assist her clients organize their finances during the divorce and to project expenses and income post-divorce, spousal support and child support worksheets to project potential post-divorce settlements and/or court determinations as well as interim allocations of income and debt worksheets to project estimated interim financial settlements and/or court determinations.


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