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What Are Protection Orders?


At their most basic, protection orders are legally-enforced court orders that disallow someone from being near or communicating with another person. Protection orders are more commonly known as restraining orders. Protection orders are legally required to be enforced by every law enforcement agency and court.


Protection orders, in the context of domestic violence, empower victims by legally validating their concerns. Although a protection order is ultimately “only” paperwork that must be backed up by police, it is a powerful symbol to your abuser that the state is holding them accountable for their behavior. It also keeps the abuser at a real, enforceable distance. For emotionally manipulative abusers, protection orders also forbid communication of any kind—however, this behavior must be reported for it to be enforced. Fortunately, the many people who have orders against them do not violate the terms of protection. Unfortunately, the sad truth is that if the abuser is irrational, uncontrollable and fixated on continuing the abusive behavior, a protective order in and of itself is not a guarantee of safety.


How to Get a Protection Order


To file a protection order, the plaintiff must make two court appearances—one to declare the need for one and why, and another for the defendant to object or explain why the restraining order is not necessary.


Temporary Domestic Order


Temporary Domestic Orders are issued in litigated divorces for the mutually protection of both parties in order to protect their finances, their children and their persons. These orders are in force during the divorce process and cease upon finalization of the divorce. They are not issued because of any alleged past violation of either party, they are issued to be pro-active so that no such problems occur during the divorce process itself.



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