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All divorces are unsettling, upsetting and on some level life changing and emotionally draining.  Even if you are the party who “wants” the divorce, you have most likely struggled with this decision for quite some time and have suffered emotional turmoil.  If you are the “surprised” spouse dealing with the request for a divorce, then your emotional response may be more dramatic and pronounced depending on how many warning signals you have processed alerting you to trouble in the marriage.  The more sudden this announcement of divorce seems to you, the more distressed your reaction may be.


High tension situations, especially between couples with a history of conflict, can erupt into full-on litigation battles.


The manner in which a divorce action is initiated can set the entire tone for the divorce proceeding and should be given serious consideration.  Parties contemplating a divorce can benefit greatly from consulting with a marriage counselor before announcing the desire for a divorce.  Some parties benefit from first voicing the intention and desire to divorce in a marriage counseling session so the counselor can assist with the emotional fallout.  Other clients have an individual counseling session to seek advice as to how to most kindly and delicately broach the subject with their spouse.  Others afraid of confrontation or out of extreme frustration take the drastic approach of moving out while the other spouse is out-of-town or at work with no advance notice.  You can imagine how devastating such an action would be and how such an action could result in massive litigation as the emotional fallout is expressed through the courtroom.


Claire Sanderson Hanna takes into consideration the way in which divorce is communicated to the other spouse in her advice to clients as well as the process most appropriate for each client’s needs and budget:  mediation, collaborative divorce or litigation.


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