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A legal separation is one of many family law alternatives for a troubled marriage. A legal separation is financially similar to a divorce in the sense that your property, debt, child support, and spousal support obligations are legally determined and allocated.


The difference between a divorce and a legal separation is essentially that the marriage is “put on pause.” The spouses must live in separate residences, and they are not legally free to marry anyone else. If the legally separated couple wishes to divorce later, then a final dissolution of marriage legal action must be initiated.The most common reasons for pursuing a legal separation are:

  • religious beliefs,
  • life threatening health considerations of one party make it more sensible for the parties to remain married, although live separately.

Note:  If you are interested in a trial legal separation, because you do not know if you wish to reconcile or divorce, then contact Claire Sanderson Hanna to discuss more appropriate options than the formalities of a legal separation.


Traditional Marriage Counseling


Many couples benefit from marriage counseling through either their religious affiliations or through private marriage counseling services. Claire Sanderson Hanna frequently recommends this approach to her clients. Divorce is a serious, life-changing event and should only be considered once you have decided you no longer wish to be married or the marriage cannot be saved.


Marriage Reconciliation Plan:


If you and your spouse are having problems, but neither of you wish to take the final step of divorce or legal separation. Then you may wish to consider the comprehensive and highly supportive, collaborative approach offered by a collaborative team of professionals in the fields of mental health, finance, and law to assist a married couple to rebuild their relationship by developing a marital reconciliation plan.


Addressing marital problems can be difficult and confusing for a couple in distress. However, success becomes more likely if the husband and the wife can develop the skills to recreate a positive marital relationship with one another.


family-reconsidering-divorceWhile looking at divorce alternatives, a collaborative team of professionals may be the right support to help you work through this process. Your collaborative team will be customized to meet your specific needs and may include professionals, such as family law attorneys, child specialists, financial specialists, and relationship coaches.


The team you develop will work cooperatively to offer the support, protection, and guidance you and your spouse need to help you work together to improve your marriage and avoid a divorce or legal separation.


If you would like to learn more about how Ms. Hanna can help you develop a Marital Reconciliation Plan, then please call (505) 243-0900 or email: channa@nmdivorce.com .



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