Consulting Attorney

If this is the case, then it may be appropriate to have Ms. Hanna prepare a summary letter outlining the settlement terms to your spouse and once written confirmation has been received that both spouses are in agreement, then Ms. Hanna could prepare the necessary divorce documents on behalf of her client and submit these documents to the other spouse or the other spouse’s attorney for review.


Family lawyers are not permitted to represent both the husband and wife in a divorce, so the documents would be drafted on behalf of one party in the divorce and submitted in a respectful and non-confrontational manner to the other spouse or that spouse’s attorney, if there is one.


Again, the fee for this is based on the hourly rate plus gross receipts tax and the total number of hours will depend on the level of complexity. Estimated ranges can be provided upon meeting with the individual and assessing that person’s situation.


The key benefits of settling your divorce through the use of a consulting attorney are: reduces attorney fees and costs of divorce and allows parties to make decisions regarding their divorce rather than judges and outside experts.