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Child Support-Parenting Plans- Time Share Modification

For parties going through a divorce, the most precious matters to be addressed in the divorce are the issues related to their children: how to allocate the time each parent has with the children (the timeshare schedule which is detailed in a legal document called “A Parenting Plan”), and how to share the financial costs of feeding, housing, educating and clothing the children (which is detailed in the Parenting Plan in conjunction with another legal document referred to as “A Child Support Worksheet”: either Worksheet A or Worksheet B depending on how much time each parent has with the children).

The legal documents and decisions regarding minor children are fluid in the sense that future needs and circumstances may warrant changes (referred to as “modifications”) in the parenting plan provisions post-divorce. Many post-divorce factors can contribute to the appropriateness of revisiting and modifying the parenting plan timeshare and/or child support terms such as:

  1. One of the children may show exceptional athletic promise in an area and could benefit from special coaching, activities and related travel and expenses which require changes to the timeshare schedule and/or child support to nurture this talent;
  2. One parent’s work schedule may have significantly changed making the current timeshare schedule unworkable;
  3. One parent may wish to relocate to another state and is requesting to be permitted to have the children relocate as well;
  4. It may be as straightforward a reason as needing to modify the timeshare schedule to accommodate the changing needs of children as they grow and develop and become older;
  5. Changes in parents’ incomes and changes in financial needs and costs of the children may require modifying child support (with or without any requested modifications to the non-financial aspects of the Parenting Plan).

Claire Sanderson Hanna is highly experienced in all aspects of Parenting Plans, Child Support calculations, and issues relating to the best interests of children during and after the divorce.



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