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How Is Property Divided in New Mexico?

New Mexico is a "community property state." The significance of that general legal principle is that first we start with the presumption that all property owned by the divorcing couple belongs to both the parties. This is accurate in some marriages, but typically there are complicating factors which carve out many exceptions to this
"general rule."


The opposite of "community property" is "separate property" (property acquired prior to marriage or gifted or inherited during the marriage, or specified as separate property in a pre-nuptial agreement or post-nuptial agreement).


Even more common are the mixed-assets which have some elements of separate characterization and some elements of community characterization (a down payment on a house made with mostly inherited money of the Wife and some community income earned by the Husband during the marriage). These are the more difficult assets to allocate in a divorce and often require the assistance of a financial expert.


The process of property distribution is a complex process, even in amicable divorces. The complexity of property distribution can be mitigated through cooperative negotiation. When spouses empower themselves to divide the property according to what they believe is fair between each other, they avoid the potentially unpredictable
decision of the court. Though state laws have been designed to provide for spouses what is fair, no one knows your own situation better that you and your spouse.


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